Our Services

Beyotta Services LLP is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) company that specializes in crafting, designing, and developing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products and solutions.

As a new startup, we took the opportunity to stack our software on a foundation that is built with new and up-to-date technologies. Over the past few months we had been really busy with the finalizing of our core software architecture, writing and merging fragments of codes to form our first commercial SaaS product, and the preparing of infrastructure to support the product - YottaSnap.

YottaSnap is a service based solution that takes snapshots of web sites and web pages. While there are some similar services in the market, we position YottaSnap as a product that is fast, effective, reliable, secure and highly customizable. The service is designed to accept requests from any client that supports SOAP over SSL, and can be integrated seamlessly with ASP.Net through WCF in ease.

Other than YottaSnap, we have many more exciting SaaS solutions planned in the pipeline that are due to be launched. Keep watching this space for more to come, soon.

Calling for Resellers


Interested in reselling our SaaS products and services? Contact us to find out more about our packages and exclusive rewards for resellers.

Our differences

In order to standout in front of the crowd, we diligently enforce and practise our unique policies that you may not find elsewhere.

And these are some of our daily lines, just for your eyes:

  • Never say Maybe, there is only an Yes, or a No.
  • Work and life can never be balanced, but they can be merged.
  • Be prepared to think out of the universe and not just the box.